понедельник, 31 октября 2016 г.

A Break-Through Workshop For Teachers Of English From Sylvie Dol

Within the framework of the 12th BelNATE TEFL Conference, we are organizing a three-hour workshop + coffee-break+ QASession with a led by Sylvie Doláková, a a brilliant teacher trainer from the Czech Republic.
Sylvie kindly agreed to run this workshop, because not everyone is participating in the Conference, where she is giving two free presentations. Please, use this opportunity to learn some effective techniques. Spread the word, invite your colleagues. There is a 5% group discount and also an early bird discount. The price is 13 BYN for "early birds" and 15 BYN on the day of the event at venue. Group discounts -5% (3+ people paying together).

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