вторник, 1 сентября 2015 г.

Dear colleagues!

I hope for this upcoming school year that we, as teachers, act on the principle that education be not only about the mind -- it be about the person. That is, the whole person. We must remember that each person we see sitting in front of us each day, standing beside us at our desks, walking along in front of us or behind us in the hallways -- each person going and coming in the hustle and bustle. Each person is a person. A person with feelings, thoughts, emotions, complicated baggage, issues, story, problems, joys, sorrows, hurts and pains. We should never lose sight of the humanity of the people in our schools: the humanity of the students, the staff, the parents, the volunteers, the administration and any visitors that might find themselves walking through the hallways. May we always be known as people who care. And may that define each and every one of us this year.

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